This morning, Ronnie came up for a cuddle and we noticed that he was a bit wet; a bit weird but we didn’t think much of it until a bit later when upon drawing the curtains we realised that the bedroom window was unlatched and open to the roof below. Ronnie, the little pest must have been out on the roof. Then, upon inspection of the troops, we discovered Arthur to be strangely absent! A search of the house later and he’s nowhere to be found! He must have escaped out of the house and off the garage roof.

Before breakfast I go out calling for him, then come in for a shower, and head out around the block, calling him. Back at the house I hear a meow and find Arthur sat on top of next doors fence calling out plaintively. He is sopping wet and utterly bedraggled. I scoop him up and bring him indoors to dry him off he is that wet.