Friday 17 October

In the original plan, I was supposed to have been at work today and Emma was to wait in for the John Lewis men to deliver our new Indiana three-piece suite. That was in the original plan. That was before we knew the severity of poor William’s wounds and his need to go to see the specialist – a Mr Pink in Solihull.

So whilst Emma went off to Birmingham with William I sat in and waited. And waited. By sat, I do actually mean sat. I enjoyed sitting on my sofa, my trusty sofa, the sofa that is older than I am. It is the sofa that I grew up with and the sofa that I celebrated many a birthday and Christmas on. It is the sofa that the audience sat on whilst I put on the latest production of Rome on my toy theatre.

But today, it is time to move on, and time to change for we are having a new sofa delivered. And a van from the British Heart Foundation are coming to take away the old sofa to give it a new lease of life somewhere…

Edit: A van from the British Heart Foundation should have come to collect it, if they could have been bothered. Which they couldn’t. They’ve all gone back to Slough. Most annoying.