~ As it turned out William stayed away overnight with Mr Pink in Solihull yesterday, having a pretty major surgery done on his leg. So this morning was down to dashing out to Tesco to do the week’s shop and then heading back up the M40 to collect him. During the discharge consultation we got to see the before and after x-rays and the serious amount of metal work now in his leg. One of the most impressive bits is the 2mm metal plate repairing his knee and joined together with no less than nine screws. It’s simply incredible. Then again, at £4000 one would hope that it was pretty impressive. Thank ye for insurance and also for the curiosity that is that William has been on PetPlan’s CatPlan and not BasicCat like all our other furry things.

~ After dropping William back off home and having a swift bite to eat – in the form of houmous and taramasalata and crisps – we head out to John Lewis for our in-store kitchen planning meeting. We think that it will not take that long, after all, we know pretty much what we want, but it turns out there are more decisions to be made. One such decision is pretty major. We had based our choice of kitchen – the Vermont range – on the kitchen that Grannie had put in last year we hand worked out that it would be about on budget. Certainly Nick seemed to think so, too. This afternoon though, as David gives us his estimate we are crestfallen. It is way over-budget – like double our budget. There is a possibility of salvation in the form of their cheaper First Collection range but it would entail compromises. Anyhow, we book Nick in for a site visit and a kitchen plan anyway and see where we can go there. It won’t be until 8 November though, and so week’s of uncertainty before we know if it’s a goer or if we have to consider something else entirely. My hopes of a new kitchen before Christmas are slipping away.

~ We have left John Lewis despondent and disappointed, and feeling like we are being greedy. Not that we are, as we do need a new kitchen, and we aren’t actually being that extravagant with our choices. We still have funny feelings in our stomachs over the whole business though…