~ Dave The Kitchen Fitter came to see us yesterday evening for a site visit. With our new kitchen just one week away, whilst Em went into work, I set to dismantling the kitchen and de-tiling the kitchen. I had all kind of fears of the tiles coming off and ripping away half the plasterboard with it but in the end they came off with ease. It still took most of the day though to clean it back to a smooth surface and fill in any slight holes and then put everything back for the next week.

~ Tonight was the Bicester Vets Christmas do, and we all gathered at the vets to get a wine and pringle fuelled coach trip into Oxford to go to see Creation Theatre’s latest production – Tales from Hans Christian Andersen back in the mirror tent. It was fantastic fun, and again an incredible display of creativity with just a cast of six characters. Particularly effective was the Little Mermaid, even if it revealed a shockingly different original story to the Disney barstardisation. It made me really want to go home and lose myself in the Hans Andersen tales – but which to read, the Rex Whistler illustrated one, or the one with drawings by Heath Robinson…?