~ And so the day has come for our kitchen to be installed. Our appliances arrive good and early (one advantage for being out of John Lewis’ High Wycombe area) although we do subsequently discover that the hob and sink are curiously missing.

~ Dave The Kitchen Fitter arrives shortly after and sets to work ripping out the old kitchen. He makes quick work of it and starts to put the units in by the end of the day.

~ I’ve been working from home. I have to say it’s very nice to be working at my desk amongst my books and looking up, beyond the computer screen, and seeing our chickens, and lots of birds coming to the birdfeeder.

~ It has also been Emma’s day off today. I took the opportunity to take a bit of a longer lunch break so that we could go for a walk in Stoke Woods and stock up on bird and chicken food from Bicester Avenue.