I don’t think much of the confidentiality (or rather lack of it) observed by one of the managers here. Last Monday I had to have the day off (or at least a day out of work – I still managed to do some work from home), due to being struck down with gout. I emailed my apologies to this manager. I was expecting that an email of some sort would be sent round the department to let them know that I was absent, however I was not expecting that it would be my email with details that would be forwarded around the department.

Then, late on Friday afternoon I discovered that I had an interview yesterday morning, and I gave my apologies that I would not be in that day (I had a arranged with the other department I work for who do allow me to work from home to do this in order to make the best use of my time). Upon arriving in the office this morning I discover that this same manager has told everyone exactly why it is that I was out of the office yesterday. I do not believe that that sort of information should be circulated by anyone except me.