~ Woke up this morning in the most alarming of ways. My dream was brought to a (literally) crashing end with the thought that someone had thrown a brick through the window. What’s more, with our neighbours off somewhere early, all I could hear post-crashing explosion was the sound of a car running. I was very brave though and went downstairs to discover what it was that the cats had broken. What it was Arthur who had, in an attempt to gain access to cat nip, gotten up onto the side in the kitchen and thwacked the honey jar containing it onto the floor and was now standing red‐handedpawed amongst the carnage.

~ Thankfully no hurt was done in the event, although bizarrely the doors under the bureau had also fallen out. We can only imagine that (psychologically‐disturbed) Ronnie had gone to wee on glass again only to have the fright of his life!!

~ Cat #6, Madeline, has been settling into the homestead quite well. Yesterday she was decidedly wobbly but today she’s been much more stable on her feet which is good. You can see a picture of our harlequin‐faced new arrival in the userpic to this post.

~ We went to see Heather in her new Buckingham house this morning. She had had some new curtains made and needed help in hanging them. Her house is lovely, with a good view of Buckingham and its church. What’s more she wanted to give us her old lounge curtains which are, IMHO, almost brand new and go with our three‐piece suite very well.

~ In the afternoon and evening we went to Em’s parents for dinner. There we were able to talk over wedding matters and songs for the reception. We’ve had suggestions from a couple of people now and I was able to plunder their CD collection for a few of the tracks. Emma’s dad also gave us a pair of Revolver speakers for use at the wedding but which we can also keep.

~ Upon getting home we hooked up the new speakers to find them very, very good. We also discovered that my parents had come up with their list of wedding songs. They finally manage to short list 14 tunes from a long list of 178!!! I think they were having fun down memory lane this evening!