Emma and I have been asking our guest list for 5 song suggestions each for use post-meal at our wedding reception. I’ve always hoped that we would get a thoroughly eclectic mix of songs and unearth some hidden gems. Yesterday we received Jane’s list, and amongst them was the totally intriguing:

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
For an Oxford-based writer… self-explanatory, surely

I leapt onto iTunes and downloaded the track, and you know what? Thomas has a new favourite song. Who’da thought that you could make a song out of the (controversial) serial comma? Thanks Jane… 🙂

Actually, I like this track so much I’ve downloaded Vampire Weekend’s whole album and its damn good. The Oxford Comma track stands well alongside the, as previously discussed Mr Unhappy, as being a track that makes me curiously very happy. It’s quirky and unusual and absolutely brilliant. 🙂