After yesterdays uncertainty and worry I’m feeling better about my synopsis, and thus the future of my novel. I worked through the success and failures of my it with Eddie over lunch and showed it to Emma in the evening and it seems to be working okay. Actually, Emma started to read the novel way back and didn’t really get on with it but having read the synopsis is more interested and excited about it so that’s good!

But what to call the beast? I’ve lived with Blood & Fire for going on a decade but its not right (partly because there are loads of books out there already called Blood & Fire…) and I’ve come up with some alternatives for you to vote on.

In a ‘buy one poll get one free’ offer, I have another question for you. It’s actually something I was going to mention in yesterday’s post. Once again a new writer bursts onto the scene with newspaper headlines declaring ‘former barmaid wins literary prize’ and burying the details that she actually works in publishing further down. It does seem that getting published these days is all about hooks and the‐story‐behind‐the‐author. I do disagree with this approach; novels should stand by themselves without these back stories and hooks, but that’s not the business we’re in. So, should I put aside my principles and join the throng. I only have very mild aspergers, but I do have aspergers. It’s not an excuse for the way I am but it has made me (in part) who I am, so should I use it in my letter to go to the agent/editor/publisher to get them to read my synopsis and opening chapters…?

Should I declare (and use) my aspergers to get published?Yup!Nope!