Tesco was hideous today. It’s my own fault. If I’d got my act together and got there early I would have been in and out, job done, in no time at all. But I didn’t, and I hadn’t. It was a nice, sunny day though, and I took a different route home, through Gawcott, Preston Bissett, and on a slightly more circumnavigatous route, Marsh Gibbon and Stratton Audley in search of a driveway with a hand-painted sign outside the front gate advertising free manure. Could I find one? Could I heck!

The weather was too good to be stuck indoors cleaning the house, so throughout the afternoon, whilst processing load after load of washing, I dug the garden, turning the smaller circle of grass into two semi-circular veg patches separated by a path of grass. De-turfing the area was hard work, and digging it, harder, but immensely and incredibly satisfying.

My Saturday toils did not finish in the veg garden. Oh no, I got stuck into the cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms, bins, bed, dusting and hovering. I finished at 8 o’clock – a little after Em’s return from looking after her pops for the day – absolutely shattered, sweaty, and good for nothing more than food and silly television.