It’s been a funny ol’ start to my new unemployed status. The last time this happened, Tuesday 1 May 2007, was similarly bright, sunny, warm and distinctly spring-like, and it has been the same today. It takes the sting out of the situation, I find.

Another thing to take the sting out of the situation was to get on my bike and cycle into the town centre to sign on at the jobcentre. That is, that was the plan before I discovered that there is no jobcentre in Bicester. Strangely, knowing that there obviously is no unemployment in Bicester is not much of a comfort to me – not having a job must be just in my head after all!

There is a branch of Subway in the premises-formerly-occupied-by-the-jobcentre. I can’t help but imagine that the last jobs to be handed out there before they were closed were for a certain well-known branch of sandwich-sellers.

A third reason to not be too upset by not being at work today, or rather not having work to go to, is that Emma was at home today. Okay, so its not good – not good at all – that she was at home ‘cos she wasn’t well, but it was nice having her around.

I’ve managed to sign on online, which was tedious to the point of losing the will to live, but it did leave me free to head into Oxford and do some stuff I needed to do. Not just signing up with an agency that actually looks promising but also finding menu holders for the table decs at the wedding and researching travel books to Scotland.