As previously reported in these pages I’ve been busy this week, earning a bit of an honest crust doing the old web design work for Bicester Concert Band, and its coming along nicely. Today though I decided to have a complete break from the toils of the mouse and keyboard – hrmm, do you remember me writing about twenty-first century pub names? well there’s one right there; The Mouse & Keyboard – and do some good honest gardening.

On today’s agenda was to give the hedge a short back and sides, front and back. I borrowed next doors electric hedge trimmer (well, it is their hedge) and trimmed it back. Not drastically, but just nicely. Then, after raking up the bits (harder than you might think on gravel!) I set to laying the additional slabs of stone into the gravel, crazy paving and stepping stone.

After my exploits I feel pleasantly exercised. Just, nice. 🙂