Today has been all about quiet pottering. We got the shopping done and dusted first, if not quite as early as originally planned, and took a fairly leisurely drive home through the villages in search of pea sticks. Did you know that you can’t get twiggy, branchy pea sticks these days? Incredible! Dropping back down to Bicester we discovered that some new allotments have been opened down by the road to Launton. At the garden centre we stocked up on bird seed for both the wild and and the kept varities and returned home for lunch.

This afternoon I spent a pleasant hour or so out in the garden staking the rows of peas with canes and weaving string cats-cradle-like between the poles so as to give them something to grow on. We then, both continued to potter on our own things. I needed to find my art stuff for my holiday and this proved a bit of a quest. I began in the garage, before heading up into the loft and then ending up in the draws under the spare bed (which was incidentally my first thought, but not my first look – why is it always the way?) and found most of what I was after. I couldn’t find my watercolours though, which was quite distressing. In the end I ended up emptying the draws of my desk – where I found my watercolours – and this resulted in a full-blown but long overdue tidy out of my draws and a purging of ‘dead pens’.

The quest for the Lost and Found was not over though, oh no. then I couldn’t find the nice watercolour sketch pad that my Mum gave me from Italy. Again I did eventually find this but not after some panic. Why is the that the last place that you can definitely remember seeing something is definitely somewhere they can’t be. In this case across the top of some books on the shelves above my desk in the old house.

All, in all, a very nice, productive day of quiet pottering. 🙂