Interviews aside (or should that be included), I’ve had a really productive day today. I’ve posted off final payment to our caterer and our photographer; and I’ve confirmed our numbers and our dietary requirements. I’ve finalised the design for the seating plan and sent it off to the printers to collect it just a few hours later. For just £16 I have a glossy A1 poster which I show to Emma when I pop in to take Nellie home – she’s been in to be looked at for suspected sunburn on her nose and tooties and/or some kind of weird auto-immune whatsits that I don’t really understand but sounds most definitely, not nice.

Following a late lunch I planted the remains of the contorted willow, formerly of Copes Shroves, in the vegetable patch for the peas and the beans to grow up. It’s all very sculptural and beautiful – I like it.

I’ve also submitted my novel to a couiple more agents and a publisher, one via email submission, and two making use of Royal Mail’s online postage printing service. Seems odd though that you can’t buy multiple items to be posted and pay for them all in one go. Still, its not me that’s going to have to pay the Debit card payment on the £1.24 – no wonder the post office seem to be in a financial sticky place!

Of course, with all this productivity and three loads of washing processed and hanging in the garden I did fail to finish off the weekend’s cleaning. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow… 😉