I’m getting increasingly fed up with the media the way that they go and on and on and … about whatever happens ot be top of their news agenda at the time. Recently its been the recession/credit crunch or what whatever it is you call it, then it was swine flu, and now it’s MPs expenses…

This latest storm in the proverbial tea cup annoys me on two levels. Everyone seems to be attacking Gordon Brown lit it is his fault, and yet (on this at least) it isn’t, and morever according to the rules as set down in the legislature, nor even have the MPs.

The whole thing is ridiculous too and so easily solved if you treat the MPs and their job as having a ‘tied housing’ system that goes with the position in much the same was farm workers . What’s more there’s going to be a whole ‘village’ of accommodation becoming available in September 2012 a the end of a new tube line into the city and right by a major new railway station with fast connections to the continent. What better ‘legacy’ for the Olympics than making use of the village to house our nation’s politicians. yes, some might say it would be a terrorist target but really, is it any greater a threat than Westminster already is? And we’d be saving money keeping the security all together instead of in outlying regions of the capital.

And if we did also decide that the House of Commons, historic though it is, is too small for our 21st century needs, well there’s going to be a nice new velodrome (or similar) which I’m sure could be converted to a new debating chamber. Heck there’s even going to be a media centre for BBC News 24 to move into!