I think that it’s important to remember when watching Eurovision to treat it with the unseriousness with which it deserves. Quite an incredible night of performances though. I reckon I can count on the fingers of just one hand the number of acts that deserved to be counted at all (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, UK and Estonia in no particular order); otherwise they pretty much all seemed to involve wailing and catahawling. The interval act was impressive though with those people belly-flopping into puddles above the crowd. Oddly, as voting took place I had no recognition of the Norway song at all.

The only question that now remains is, will the UK try to repeat the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Graham Norton talent show pairing in selecting the singer for next year’s contest. Certainly they succeeded in achieving their aim of finishing, respectably, in the top five, whilst crucially not actually winning it and thus having to host it next year.