The weather today has been glorious, sunny and hot. Em and I went for a ride on the narrow guage railway with a collection of littl’uns and their families. We saw the summit of Snowdon and had a fantastic time, and then lounged around in the sun at Craflwyn in the afternoon. The Pooles and the Cants stayed into the evening – especially nice as it filled a hole after the Shaws left early.

We even got to see more of Lucy, David and Katie, as upon returning from the train ride we discovered that they had lost the key to their bunkhouse with everything looked inside. Several full scale searches ensued but to no avail, and we weren’t able to raise Sarah. In the end Sarah did come and open up the bunkhouse, and the key was found within. David ‘hadn’t’ lost the key, but rather Lucy had somehow managed to lock the large bunkhouse with the small bunkhouse key but then failed to unlock it again.

Edit: The only downside to the day was when Emma’s Dad had a strop and stormed out to go and sit in his car for a while, before creeping back in.