Today has been a busy one, of turning around the washing and packing from wedding mode to honeymoon mode (of which we leave tomorrow…). Because we really don’t have enough to do anyway, Bella decided that it was best to go ‘walkabout’. We arrived home yesterday to be greeted by four cats not five. I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Last time we went to Craflwyn we returned to find William missing – later to be returned to us alive, if with a leg broken in three places and a whole the size of a black hole in his back end and swarming in maggots.

We registered Bella as missing with Animal Finders and have distributed posters around the local area. After phoning round the vets we go Hart’s to view a dead cat that matched Bella’s description. It’s awful. She was involved in a car accident and its really hard to tell, but instinct takes over that its not her. We’re about to go and have another walkaround calling for her as its dinner time for them. We’re off on honeymoon tomorrow for two weeks. I know that we’ve got a vet coming to housesit whilst we are away, but it doesn’t feel right going off without having found my Bella. Not right at all