With a bed that looks straight out through a large front window at a view across the loch to the east, we slept with the curtains open. So we woke several times during the night as dawn came early.

We got up leisurely for our first morning on the island and had a quiet time just pottering around Red Cottage. I setled down outside and drew the cottage with the new pencils that Em got me for my birthday. We had lunch of Alsager oatcakes and a quiet early afternoon time of reading and sleeping before we headed out to climb ‘our’ mountain.

It took a couple of hours to reach the 265 ft summit. Sadly the red deer were off on some other part of the island but we did see two Rock Pippets and a couple of coppulating Oil Beetles. Winding our way home through the village we met the couple from White Cottage (who have found the glorious sandy beach) and we met the three black piggies at feeding time.

A pasta dinner tonight, but sadly no pine martins. It says in the visitor book, that deer sometimes come to the cottage at dusk. Still no red deer.