This evening we were visited by at least three different pine martins, all as greedy as each other. I say ‘at least’ because we didn’t see which one of them snuck in at the beginning of the evening and stole away with our last egg, or if it was a separate fourth.

We put left-over mini-muffins from the wedding out fo them with the nuts today and the first of the three liked this food so much, he was intent to try and fit as many in his mouth as possble. It would have worked to if the greedy whatsit hadn’t spotted the banana and tried to take that too!

The second of three polished off most of the rest of the food and the afore mentioned banana, so we snuck outside and put out some cheese and grapes before settling back to snaffle our own cheese, biscuits and a wee dram of whiskey watch the final pine martin enjoy his cheese supper.