At around 5 o’clock I headed down to The Bothy to collect our venison stew. It’s actually turned out to be a pie as Rose discovered that she didn’t have any suet but it looked delicious none-the-less. Whilst there, I discovered that there was a rain shower that I sat and watched from our little red-roofed cottage in the woods was actually falling on The Bothy! Apparently we also missed a Sea Eagle going over, damn it.

We made a start on the packing, the cottage looks so different with the wedding cards and the bunting down, but the stove keeps chugging away, a reassuring warm glow from across the room.

We have the best of last night’s meals that we could have asked for in the Stalker’s Pie that Rose provided for at the fantastic price of just eight pounds.

Our favourite arrived at 9.30 and carried off whole blue muffins in his mouth after he had fully checked on all the option tonight’s menu.

Appropriately enough, as our holiday on Eilean Shona comes to a close, we also reach the end of the playlist, although inappropriately the last song is Tainted Love. Tomorrow, the honeymoon moves on to Edinburgh.