The last leg of our 1,439 mile road trop to Scotland and back was uneventful. We arrived home at lunchtime-ish to be greeted by four loving cats. Sadly, only four though, with still no sign of little Miss Bella.

We spend the afternoon unpacking, making a start on the washing and having a tidy-out. By the evening we are both a bit hot and tired to be cooking and so we have a take-away dinner whilst watching Springwatch – we decide that we like the new pairing of Chris Packham and Kate Humble – before we go for a drive round the estate looking for Bella. We are confused by a grey cat under a car in Cypress Gardens – for more than a moment we think she could be black and Bella. But she’s not; she’s grey and she’s not. No sign though and our drive round turns up nothing. We go to bed tired from our holiday and a bit subdued by events.