Bella’s back! She’s home, and she’s safe! We left it until after dinner to go out for a walk around the estate so that it would be that bit quieter about the place. The plan was to walk back round Cypress Gardens and then around the park. I was calling Bella’s name quite a bit, even though I think Emma thought that by now it was a bit fruitless. At the back of my old house she held back whilst I went on to the corner. As I called I heard a miaow… could it be? I rounded the corner, and there she was, coming out from under a bush at the front of my old house. Collarless but complete – my Bella! 🙂

She allowed me to scoop her up into my arms and began purring almost immediately. By this point both Emma and I were in tears of joy, as we headed for home. I held her to me, holding her by the scruff in my arms until we got back inside our home.