We’ve just had our second BBQ of the year in our garden. This has been following a nice day of pleasant busy-ness. We gave the house a good clean in the morning, had a nice lunch (sadly not in the garden due to it being just too damn hot) before we set to in the garden.

Whilst we were away the garden has gone mad. The vegetables are excelling themselves and the lawn is too, but sadly so are the weeds – particularly it has to be said – the gravel around the bird feeder. We work our way around the garden, weeding out everylast unwanted plant and it looks so good, just nifce for our barbeque this evening.

We ate our burgers, new potatoes and salad outside in the late evening sun, rounded off with a nice bowlful of strawberries and cream – just perfect.

Not that it ended there though. Even after dinner, Emma carried on pottering around, potting up busy lizzies and watering. She’s only just come in now!