After the busy day of getting house and garden sorted yesterday, today was in some respects quiet, and in some, still packed.

We went for a nice, relaxing walk down by the canal in the morning, but it turned out being a bit of a mission of mercy when we discovered a calf had fallen in the water. We found out by someone on a narrowboat which farm it was and marched off, accross the fields and up into the village to tell the farmer. Finishing up our walk in a more leisurely fashion, by the time we get back to the car we can see allong the canal that the farmer has got his calf out the water okay.

For the afternoon and evening we went over to the inlaws (how weird, I can call them that now!) to help Liz out with a bit of gardening and to have a bbq dinner. Obviouslly the subject of the recent wedding did come up but at least we didn’t have to any wedding planning – yay!!