I like a good thunderstorm; the more dramatic the better. I was watching one approach us this morning, big and black and looming, but it went by to the north of me. Another one went past to the south around lunchtime.

This afternoon, whilst the temperature was still hot and the sun was shining I went out and foraged the old hedgerows on our estate for heads of elderflower from which I proceed in distilling cordial and sorbet. Whilst I was out picking, a big black cloud passed straight over, but not a drop of raind did fall from it.

I made up two big batches of elderflower cordial and sorbet whilst all the time hearing reports via facebook and twitter of the massive thunderstorms and torrential rain. Looking out the window I could see the thunderstorm but could I touch it – nope. Most frustrating.

Eventually, sometime after 10 o’clock we did get a bit of a lacklustre excuse for a thunderstorm; it was big, it was black, it had some thunder, and lots of rain. I feel a bit better to have seen something of the weather… *grins*