I’m not a big fan of telephone interviews at the best of times. I’m even less a fan of late telephone interviews. Today’s was scheduled for 2.30pm and I was sitting, waiting with both the landline and the mobile waiting. By 2.45pm I was emailing the HR person (thought it best to keep the line free), and then at 3 o’clock I phoned. Apparently they did call but it just rang out. Weird?!! Must have dialled a wrong number.

At 3.30pm the guy did call me and I had to leap straight into interview mode, but when they call it an ‘informal’ chat, just what does that mean?

I think I did okay but as always these things are impossible to judge. I suspect though, that they might be looking for someone who is less the designer and more the hardcore developer and/or IT nerd – all together more geeky than me.