Of our wedding gifts we had £80 of gardening vouchers and some money towards our honeymoon. One of the things that we did buy on honeymoon was a print of the loch on which we stayed in Scotland from an art gallery in the middle of nowhere. After Em finished work this morning we took the picture, together with a poster of the actual island a sketch of Craflwyn given to us by the staff their, into the art shop and chose frames.

It’s going to be a bit pricey but if you don’t do these things now then you tend to never do them, so…


In the afternoon we took off to Preston Bissett nurseries to spend the vouchers. We had a bit of a shopping list with us but there was also a bit of a browse around to see what caught our eyes. We came away with 4x lavenders, 2x clematis, 3x alpine poppies, 3x strawberries, 1x spyria, 1x echinacia, 1x verbascum, 1x scabious, 1x heliotrope, 1x veronica, lots of snapdragons and a ceanothus.