When even former Booker and Nobel Prize winning authors are turned down (if with alternative names) for publication with the infamous, and pretty much standard, reply from major London literary agencies; “Having considered your material, we do not feel, we are sorry to say, sufficiently enthusiastic or confident about it,” you know that it is a pretty sorry state of affairs in which we live.

Rumour has it that Bloomsbury have squandered their ‘Harry Potter millions’ on celebrity biographies and novels by celebrities, when surely the braver choice would have been to give decent but modest advances to a host of new authors and have just a few of them ‘work’. But when, in this day and age, have publisher’s been known to take the brave choice?

Booker winners need not apply
Source: www.timesonline.co.uk
THERE is no greater award for a writer than the Nobel prize for literature. Five years ago the accolade went to VS Naipaul in recognition of his 50-year writing career. [more]