An infamous comment in a leaving card from the-best-temp-job-ever (sic.) in the summer of 1998 read, and I quote, keep smiling and making jam. I liked that comment, and I’ve tried to live by it ever since. There have been times when even I have found it hard to smile but I’ve always carried on making jam. That is, apart from the last couple of years. What with everything that was happening during the summer’s of 2007 and 2008 I failed to make any (save for some autumnal damson jam and crab apple jelly in 2007).

This year I was determined to get back on track and live by the mantra once again. So today, it being Emma’s day off we headed off to Rectory Farm, Oxfordshire and picked raspberries and stawberries for Britain. It seems like it’s a good year for fruit. Let’s hope they make good jam!