~ It was 11 years ago that those immortal words ‘Thomas, keep on smiling and making jam…’ in a leaving card of mine. This year it seems to be a statement that is more appropriate than ever. Yes, there is much good that is happening in my life, and some absolutely great and fantastic and wonderful things have happened recently. That said, my bi-weekly trip to the jobsworth centre does take its toll, and my seemingly impossible task of getting myself back into employment does weigh heavy. The last two years I haven’t made much jam, so making it now is nice; really nice. Something to smile about. 🙂

~ Furthermore, it feels particularly cozy to be potting up jam whilst the rain rains, and the skies darken…

~ And at the end of it, look, 18lbs of raspberry jam! Okay, the fast-boiling was a close run thing and I should really have done it in two batches but still, its done. The fruit is cooked!