Today has felt a bit like the end of term. It’s deathly quiet in the office, and I had a very nice lunch out in Little Clarendon Street (surely one of the best streets in the whole of Oxford?) with , catching up on life, and chatting about words and writing and ideas.

~ For the wedding playlist Jane nominated a Muse track, Invincible and then subsequently pointed me in the direction of a cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. Today she provided me with three Muse albums, which I’m listening to the first of right now, and its good, it’s inspiring and it’s getting me fired up to write.

~ Diana Wynne Jones’ 1985 book Fire & Hemlock is one of both Jane and my favourite books. Further to our lunchtime conversation, Jane has pointed me towards an essay by DWJ herself, The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey wherein she talks about heroes and the writing of Fire & Hemlock. It’s fascinating and inspiring stuff.

Interesting two of the things that are inspiring me today, are albums by Muse and a journal article made available online by Project Muse.

Project MUSE – The Lion and the Unicorn – The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey
Diana Wynne Jones, ‘The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey’ The Lion and the Unicorn, June 1989, 13 (1), pp. 129-140, The Johns Hopkins University Press