Abingdon Concert Band are doing a Hallowe’en Concert this year, as the spooky night falls on a Saturday this year. I got the impression that they were going to play it very much for laughs, and so I produced a draft of a poster which did very much that. With Buffy text for the title and a spooky figure of Death (aka vet David) reaching out for you with two ‘vampire players’ playing piccolo and clarinet at the bottom. All very dark, all very silly, all very spooky.

Well, apparently that’s not gone down so well with the ‘religious right’ on the committee (I get the feeling it was quite a controversial discussion at the committee meeting, not just about the poster, but the playing for fun aspect of the concert), who it seems felt that such a subject wasn’t approprriate? You what? If anything Hallowe’en is pagan and/or an American invention. Very little to do with religion, and if it upsets them, then well… are they also going to be upset about the pagan elements of Christmas?