~ After the more relaxing day of yesterday I have been busy, very busy. The garage needs a proper sort out; it keeps on getting out of control. And today I gave it the part one of that treatment. It involved getting everything from the ‘loose’, free-standing part of the garage out an giving my space room to sort. I fetched down all the boxes from half the shelving in order to put the brackets back up where they had begun to come adrift. I put my art portfoliios up in the loft and we put the spare dressing table from the spare room down in the garage to make room in there. Then I proceeded in finding new homes for things and sorting out some, but not alot, of rubbish out and chucking.

~ I have also put some shelves up in the understairs cupboard to house our copious amounts of jam.

~ Cooked a nice meal of fish and vegetables. Very yum. 🙂