In the spirit of keeping the new job celebrations going this weekend we had some relaxation time down at my parents. We cracked open the Progressive bottle of champagne from two and a half years ago and which has been waiting for a suitable opportunity ever since. It was a very nice bottle; just a shame that the agency themselves are somewhat leechlike in their approach and ethos (and I mean more than any other agent).

We then went to see a production of Alan Bennet’s Lady In The Van at the (excellent) Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday. Fantastic play, great staging, and not one, but two actors who were almost more Bennettish than Bennett himself. They had stripped the stage bear to reveal the guts of theatre with an otherwise simple set that consisted of two parts; Alan Bennet’s study with books and typewriter overflowing onto the floor; and the van – which itself was on a revolving stage so that we could look in through either door, and from which more rubbish spilled during the course of the play. It was so, so funny, and so, so clever, and very enjoyable.