Here be a cautionary tale to entertain a Production Editor. We got a flier through the door to say that Waitrose now deliver in our area and to tempt us there was a money-off offer. It was quite a good offer actually; 30 quid off over three orders: £5 off the first; £10 off the second; and £15 off the third, plus free delivery … so we thought we’d give it a go. We did the deed last night, got though to the check-out – code refused…?!! I phoned them this morning and it turns out that there was a typo in the offer code. It’s working now, and I know what the code is for next time, but how crap is that?

Note: If you live in the Bicester area, you have one of their fliers, and you want to take advantage of the offer, where it says delivery in the offer code just enter deliver followed by whatever number they’ve sent you.