~ I spent a good part of the day today digging up the rest of the rabbit run which the two bad bunnies hadn’t already dug up themselves so that I could lay a new course of bricks around the perimeter and underlay new turf with chicken wire. It was the kind of job which was hard work (in the blaze of September sun) and relaxing at the same time. Or at least it should’ve been relaxing if it weren’t for the Hullabaloos next day with their insistance to blast out Heart FM at full volume into their (and thus our) garden. Still I thought of them as thrust my spade into the ground and forked the old sods… *grins*

~ Made a beautiful dinner tonight, inspired by the Hairy Biker’s Food Tour of Britain, I made a delicious Somerset Chicken and (home-grown) baked spuds and cheese. Failed to download the apple and mushroom and cider and cream sauce so we have tons left over to mix in with pasta or sausages. Yum!

~ Had another review, if brief about the first 3.6 chapters of Mr Tumnal. I like Jane’s comment so much I’m going to reproduce it here…

Finally had a chance to sit down and read this! Love it so far – a very intriguing start, and as you say, twisted, but it works 🙂 And Tom and Polly, 10 years down the line – this makes my shippy heart very happy 🙂