The TV Naturalist and Autumnwatch Chris Packham has been coming under quite a bit of stick recently for his, possibly, radical approach for conservation. The thing is, he can’t knock him really, because he speaks with his heart, in his own words, its ‘because he cares’.

There’s an interesting interview with him in day’s The Scotsman
Interview: Chris Packham – Never mind the buzzards; Jackie Hunter [30 October 2009]

Asked whether he has a preference for spring or autumn when it comes to observing wildlife, Packham has a metaphor which, if not quite Keatsian in its celebration of the seasons, is poetic in its own way. “It’s like the difference between drinking beer and brandy.

“Spring is a great slurp of instant, refreshing relief, because you’ve waited all winter and suddenly everything flows in a very short space of time, singing and flowering. Autumn, on the other hand, is a glass of brandy, something to savour. There’s all the energy and dynamism we see in spring, but it happens over a longer period of time.”