• 09:23 is wondering how you post pictures to #twitpic? Can you do it by txt message? #
  • 11:58 twitpic.com/q7vb6 – You have received a new message #
  • 12:04 is wondering what this bush is? A favourite of schools; small berries, very prickly… twitpic.com/q7vb6 #
  • 18:07 RT The voice still clear @stephenfry OMFG! @intheglow found an archive of my 15yr old website; HTML1 *sob* happy memories tr.im/FnJJ #
  • 21:25 has just synced his calendar… #
  • 21:48 : after syncing phone to google, I’ve now synced google to Outlook. How geeky am I…? #

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