This morning proved to be damp and foggy, but no less atmospheric and inspirational, as trees loomed out of the grey mist as faded silhouettes, and a determined sun tried to break through a fractured sky.

Foggy Mornings

My work on Mr Tumnal continues well. A downside to working in an environment where people talk to me at lunch times and have a job that engages me is that I have less time for writing during my lunch breaks. That said, I’ve got myself a little routine to give myself a little time to get a few hundred words down, and a few hundred words every day is progress.

8866 / 80000 words. 11% done!

Louis Tumnal’s world is weird one, where his ‘Oxford’ (or Wren Hoe as he knows it), is an Oxford with trams, and a metro system underneath the colleges, but at the same time the characters play with very real technology; Nikon D40s and Facebook use. It’s all very natural as I write it, but I do wonder how much I should be using these technologies to tell the story – should I instead be making up camera manufactories and going for generic/fictional social networking? Its an interesting question one, and one that I’m still perusing.x