Earlier this week I discovered that my laptop battery was dead, well 20 minutes of life with a dimmed screen, is honestly caput. So I’ve ordered a new which has been despatched today. Last night, I discovered that my power supply was also finito, and today I bought a universal one from the computer services shop…

Then tonight, on the way home, conveniently (not) on the M40 roundabout my battery light came on. I stopped at Kwik Fit on the way through Bicester, they tested it and told me it needed recharging and sent me on the way (very uniterested by it), and then, spittings distance from my home (although annoyingly just that little bit too far, I conked out. Called the AA out, waited an hour, called again and was advised that the guy was held up on the previous job and he might be another hour. He advised me to walk home and wait there.

Now the police have come round to check that I’m okay. They are fine with me leaving my car where it is, so that was nice of them at least.

Anyway, whilst I wait for the man from the AA, Terence in Strawberry Van with our shopping, here’s something to cheer me up. Not the greatest recording, but a great piece of music!