It is the third day of our little, mini-holdiay, and the first day of Emma’s birthday weekend. Sue came over to see us for the day, and after an early lunch, we headed into Oxford. We started off the afternoon at the newly opened Ashmolean. The new museum is, quite simply stunning. From the grand entrance of the origninal building you pass through the first hall into a the main stairwell, with stares of to the right. The stairs are set back further at each level, and rise to the entire height of the building allowing you several vistas from each level down into the heart of the building, and through to virtually every room allowing you to choose where to go next. We wandered, picking things to go and see and getting waylaid by others as we went.

After the Ashmolean we made our way to the Oxford Castle and took a tour around the Christmas German market, which was fun and festive, if, for the the most part full of expensive gifts you probably don’t need or really want. But I did buy myself a bag of roasted chestnuts which I proceeded in munching my way through.

Wandering back through town, we showed Sue the covered market with its real butchers and the racks of deer and game hanging outsde dripping blood in a very organic way; and on to Blackwell’s where I worked out what present to buy Nick, if not there.

Heading for home we parked in Bicester Market End, and had a little wander in Lisseter’s antique shop before having a hot chocolate at the Swan and then, by 5.30, arriving at St Edberg’s for the Bicester Concert Band Christmas concert and carol service. At the end of the day we were very much in the Christmassy, festive spirit! 🙂