• 09:19 RT: @106jackfm: Love waking up to this view at this time of year. twitpic.com/tl2mi #
  • 10:22 reads that a White Christmas is ‘in the balance’ (From The Oxford Times): www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/30163/4793579 #weather #whitexmas #
  • 12:05 has just seen Mr Tumnal’s classroom window sill via @Mbwamwitu twitpic.com/tlvte A wittle wet Wen on my window sill #
  • 13:40 is confused. Bravissimo boxes get delivered to the office, but I have to collect amazon one’s from the postroom…? #
  • 15:17 has just
    had his first turkey of the Christmastide season. Shame the pud was a bit on the chewy side… #

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