~ Umm, a bit of a lazy start to the day I’m afraid… *coughs* So, after breakfast I returned to my kitchen to base ice the Christmas cake to the sound of festive music on Classic FM. I’ve never made Royal Icing before. Last year, Emma was in charge of decorating the cake, and every other year of my life, that was my Mum’s department. It’s hard work whisking; whisking the royal icing until all the strength in my right arm is gone…

~ Next up, was the parma ham and gorgonzola cheese straws for Lucy’s carols night on Monday. As they came out of the oven we had the briefest of snackets before heading out on a quest to find snow.

~ Brill Hill, in the snow, was bitterly cold, but charmingly Dickensian in feel. There are some houses which are drawn particularly from the pages of a picture book, with their tiny panes of glass in their windows and the snow on the wonky rooftops. We had a nice walk through crunchy snow, and even found a stash of holly, ready cut and free to a good home outside one green-side cottage. We returned home to snuggle in the warmth, watch Antiques Roadshow on the television followed by Cranford and I made chocolate balls whilst Emma, made strings of Christmas bunting. Perfect. 🙂

~ I’m a bit disappointed to see The Muppet’s Bohemian Rhapsody only reached #32, but I’m pleased the xfactor single has been defeated for once.