In the end I got to bed at about one o’clock last night (or should I say one o’clock this morning?!) and put the light out shortly after a quick read to ease me into sleep.

This morning it was Emma’s turn to go to work for the morning. This left me to busy myself getting the turkey (including heavy glowering and mean looks at a horse-faced woman in a 40×40 tank taking up half the whole road when it was my right of way), and getting in the Christmas veg from Sheep Street veg stall, wraping up a few more presents, and…

…falling foul of the icy pavements of Bicester wheen I went over, cracking my knees on the ground saved only ba now slightly more worse for wear box of tissues. To compound this trauma, as I was on my way home I found a cat beside the ringroad and was compelled to go back for it, scoop it into my boot and take a dead cat to the Bicester Vets’ Christmas party.

In the afternoon I set about preparing the stuffing and sausage meat and many of the vegetables before the inlaws descended onto us and Christmas eve suddenly became not quite as restful as I am used to. I still got some Carols from Kings into the evening before we all went out to Trinity for a steak supper in the old methodist chapel. It has been a different christmas eve to the one’s aht I have know but fune none-the-less.