~ Far from the snow storms that we have been promised, it was freezing cold and very wet out today. I did go out in it if only to stock up on veggies and such like in Bicester town.

~ Faffed for much of the time today although I did get some reading done. Not enough though, and I didn’t get any of Mr Tumnal‘s story written.

~ Made a delicious dinner this evening, the Hairy Bikers turkey and ham pie recipe with a cranberry jelly topping.

~ I’ve been feeling cold and shivery this evening, and all out of sorts. What’s more, having gone to bed reasonably early I’ve ended up feeling really sick, and then when I got to the bathroom I passed out in the doorway. I actually feel better now for having passed out; I haven’t been sick, and I no longer feel sick. Weird… :-