With a burst of enthusiasm and a flame of inspiration this week I am another chapter down in Mr Tumnal’s curious story. In this latest chapter we visit the childhood life of Louis, and see how he and Amanda came to meet and fall in love. You also get the clearest indication yet that Louis has (I don’t like to say suffers) Asperper’s Syndrome. He’s an aspie.

I’m writing him in this way because, as his character forms itself to me, it is so clear to me that in his speech, and his actions, and the very way that he leads his life, he has this to deal with, an extra challenge to face that NTs don’t. At the same time though, it is important to me that this is a story about a man who just happens to be an aspie – the aspergers is not the story.

10467 / 80000 words. 13% done!