• 23:15 twitpic.com/z4hoc – I sent @janerawson the first 7 chapters of my new novel. She loaded it onto her Kindle… #
  • 23:17 twitpic.com/z4hzv – and it looks kind of neat… #
  • 23:19 twitpic.com/z4ifb – I think I might be officially jealous. I want a kindle, although do I love real, paper books too much? #
  • 23:43 considers the paper book/ebook debate: maybe an opportunity for new authors to get readers and income tinyurl.com/yd3e7go #
  • 09:48 is seriously wondering if I shoul
    d publish ‘The End of All Worlds, pt 1 digitally via kindle? Pros? Cons? Anyone…? #
  • 12:50 : not so much the device I’m interested in, but the possibilities of self-publishing and finding readers… tinyurl.com/ycccedu #
  • 14:08 : everything you wanted to know about geoengineering but were too afraid to ask explained by Professor John Shepherd bit.ly/4IvS7v #
  • 14:15 has linked to this before, but its Friday and if you don’t wish for this in your workplace then there’s just no hope vimeo.com/173714 #
  • 16:29 : The unicorn and the lion: why stories are d
    angerous – David Fickly talks… www.brookes.ac.uk/about/events/e-items/11012010142727 #
  • 17:55 feels very foolish for having failed to done the final complete on the Ocado order. No delivery tonight, now… #

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