I had a dream last night which was alarming, inspiring and impossible all at the same time.

I had obviously sent an early draft of my novel to Ros to read, which I haven’t, I’ve sent it to Jane (so this explains the impossible part of the dream), and had now had an email reply from Ros with her thoughts.

I remember clearly, looking at the email and reading it, and feel a pain in my stomach as I read the first line: that it was disappointing and not good (this explains the alarming part…)

The email was long though and of several paragraphs, and it went on to say how she loved various bits of imagery and the clever use of literary quotes and references to popular culture, and that all in all she loved it.

I remember lying in bed afterwards looking at the email and trying to re-read it but only getting ever-diminishing snatches of it. It was definitely one of those occasions when I wished I had a print key on my brain and that I could have saved it for later.