• 10:29 : 100yr ago today; death of Thomas Crapper: Victorian plumber & inventor who revolutionised toilets bit.ly/aJM0mq /via @nationaltrust #
  • 11:52 continues to break things, and rebuild them in a better, cleaner form… 🙂 #
  • 12:19 “Any fool can make things complicated, it requires a genius to make things simple” – EF Schumacher /via @NTMagazine @andrewcleaton #
  • 12:34 : or “Its better too keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it and prove it” /via @Mbwamwitu #
  • 13:02 : NO SERIOUSLY: The new product from Apple bit.ly/cjA2BU /via @kindofpalejewel @serafinowicz #
  • 13:58 : for designers whose creativity has been crushed by a client, or a client who works with designers bit.ly/9UD9T4 /via @nationaltrust #
  • 19:15 is pondering a dream I had last night which was alarming, inspiring and impossible all at the same time tinyurl.com/ydw85pd #MrTumnal #
  • 19:16 is not sure how good an ebook reader this iPad is going to be, when you’re still staring at a light? Eyestrain? tinyurl.com/yah64de #
  • 21:44 has done the weekly shop, at a record low, bill, and this time I have definitely f
    inalised the Ocado order. Oh yes I have! 🙂 #

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